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The first snow

The first snow

Finally! The first snow has arrived and everything is covered in a white blanket. It’s not much snow, but enough to get me excited like a little girl  and get my winter-mood back on.

This morning I was welcomed by a white garden. The roof of our gardening shed and our pergola was all white. Everything looked so pretty. Ofcourse it was not much snow, and soon it started raining again so it’s mostly just ice. But at least it looks pretty. All of it will probably be gone by tomorrow so I might as well enjoy it all I can today!

On the radio everyone is warning about how dangerous and slippery the roads are. If you don’t HAVE to be somewhere: stay inside today! But ofcourse this was the only day I had plans and I will go outside. Time for some girl-time with my friends so no way we are cancelling this. I also must admit we’re going through with the plan because someone is picking me up. I’m too afraid to drive on these roads and after being home from work for 4 months due to my surgeries, I really don’t want to end up in the hospital again. I don’t think my boss will apreciate me calling to say I’m at the hospital again. So let’s hope we don’t crash today.

Researche for France

My hubby and I have been doing a lot of researche lately for our Project France. We have been checking the available houses and properties on severeal website, what’s new and what’s gone. We have been checking out a lot of Youtube movies about people who have done something similar and got some good ideas from them. We’re checking out different kinds of stuff to live as selfsustainable as possible like solar panels (how much will we need and what will this cost), will there be a waterwell on the property or what if we have to drill one,  but also different kind of methods about gardening and how to preserve your food. There’s a lot of things we will have to learn or buy to live a kind of selfsustainable lifestyle (as much as possible) and just be able to live freely and dept-free.

But as always, we are so ready for this. I’m so glad that this year it will finally start. I’m ready to live a more relaxed life and be in control of our life. Not to live a life where I get up way too early, go to work and spend all day doing something I actually don’t want to do, earn money to live a way too expensive lifestyle (because everything is so expensive here) and just earn money to put gas in my car to be able to go to work. And to pay off a house that is really way too expensive in comparison to what you earn here. And at the end of each month you have no money left, you didn’t buy something extra but you just payed all the bills and loans. And every month you try to do with less but still end up having nothing. And you didn’t have time to do all the things you wanted to do because you spend all your time at work or in traffic trying to get to work or home. Maybe it does sound a bit pessimistic. But this is how I started seeing things over time. I go to work to earn money just to be able to go to work. And I spend all day doing stupid things to make the boss rich and pay off his pool and his second or third vacation house somewhere in Italy or Spain who knows. And in reward for my freedom and time, this boss gives me a little bit of money so that I can buy the stuff I need like food. Food that I have to buy because I don’t have time to grow it myself. So it’s just an endless circle which all comes down to the same. If you can have your freedom and time, you can do more and need less money to live. If you can repair or build your home yourself because you have time instead of hiring someone to do it for you and pay for it, I think your freedom is worth it.

And at the end this lifestyle was getting really way too depressing for me. I want to be free and enjoy life. It can all be over sooooo fast and I know this might sound dreamy and maybe unreallistic. But I can’t help myself and wonder: but what if it works out?


Have a nice day everyone! Talk to you soon with more updates!

xoxo, moi

IMG_7725.JPG(my snowy garden plant)