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Immo service assistance: Check!

Only seven more weeks and we will finally see France again. I can’t wait to drive Route du Soleil again, hear the crickets, feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. I’m so ready to go!

We are starting to finish up all things that need to be done in order to buy a house in 7 weeks. We have contacted an Immo Service who will help us get a mortgage at a French bank. All finances have been looked into, everything is ready to start. In a few weeks we can start making appointments with the real estate agents and fill up our schedule. We are already following some interesting houses in the area where we would like to buy, so we are very confident that we will manage to find our dream house in 7 weeks.

The only concern we still have, but what will not stop us, is our future income. Le Gers looks like a really quiet area with only a few houses or towns. So we are still trying to figure out what our options are to build up a future income. We have some back up, but ofcourse not for the rest of our lives. But either way, we are confident that this will get worked out on the way and we try not to stress about it. There are always many options, you just have to be creative, optimistic and have patience.

So we try not to worry about it that much. Once we actually bought a place and we have a location of where we will live, we can figure the income-problem out. Then we will have a better insight in the possibilities.

We hope to have all the paperwork done by the end of the summer so we can go back around september to visit our house for the “first” time, as owners then. I can’t wait to open that first bottle of wine on our porch and take it all in, everything around you… And then figure out when would be the best time to move. Probably somewhere half 2018 next year. It will take time to finish up here in Belgium. We have our jobs which will take up a few weeks or months before we can leave. We also have an entire house to pack up and move. Or maybe first go for a few months to France and renovate the place before we move all our good furniture. It has to be liveable and secured ofcourse.

I’m really looking forward to this big adventure. It is finally coming closer and it is all we can think of lately. Making all this plans for a house we don’t even have. So I can’t wait to actually start real plans of our own property.

It will most definitely be a very exciting and unique experience, but terrifying as well. Giving up everything you know, your job, your income, your house, your familiy and life, to start all over from scratch. And hope we will not be one of those many people who have done the same and failed… So we are very anxcious to start and give it a try!


à bientôt!