Aprils Fool

Today it’s Aprils Fool day. What a joke it is today: rain all day. Not very cold, but not warm either… So today is the perfect day to clean the house, do laundry and cook new recipies in the kitchen.

In two months, we will finally be in France, Le Gers. We are so excited. I’m so curious how it will be there, hopefully exactly how we expected but I don’t really doubt that. We are also keeping a list of interesting houses for sale in that area so by the time we will be there, we can start visiting houses. I’m really excited, maybe I’ll buy a French house this year!

I seriously hope we will find our dream house though. With only 4 weeks of vacation a year, it is almost impossible to find a house and buy it. Every time you need to go back to france to sign documents and stuff. I really hope it all is realistic and we’ll be able to pull it through. But as always, we stay very optimistic about it all, and all will go well! If not, there is always Plan B, Plan C and ofcourse the rest of the alphabeth.

In February, we went to an imigration fare in the Netherlands. Last year we also went there but didn’t really know what questions we needed answers to, so this year we came prepared! We learned a lot. We learned about the legal stuff when you buy a house, who inherits the house if something happens and you are not married. This is deffinitely different than in Belgium. Here you don’t have to be married to inherit from each other if you buy the house together. In France, you can’t unless you make a PAC, a piece of paper that says you are each others heir. Otherwise, even the parents can even inherit some part unless you disinherit them. Very complicated, but important to know. You never know right… So we learned al lot about that which was good.

Our main plan has always been to stay here in Belgium for another 2 years, after we bought a house. That way, we could do some big costs on the house while still having an income, just in case we don’t find a job quickly in France. But at the moment, we are seriously doubting if we will be able to stick to that plan. It’s really starting to itch. We want to go so badly, and once we actually own a place there I don’t think we will be able to stay here another 2 years. If we make it up to 1 year, we’ll be very proud of ourselves… And it’s not that it is all that bad here, it’s just that in our minds and plans, we are more in France already than here in Belgium. So why wait and delay our lives…

As of today, Easter holiday has started for the next two weeks. This means no music and piano classes for me and way more spare time in my next 2 weeks. I really don’t mind. I love the leassons, but I’m so glad when my week schedules are empty and my tempo in life is a bit lower once in a while. I guess many of you can relate and enjoy the ‘nothing to do weeks’.

I hope you have had more sun today as I had, and have a great day!





3 thoughts on “Aprils Fool

  1. oh rain… Vancouver is Raincouver many months of the year especially this winter but we have sun today . But for me it is still too cold to enjoy the outdoors. Bientot en France et là tu vas parler français tout le temps ! ;-))


  2. Hi, I just found your blog a few days ago and I have read it from the beginning. I’m looking forward to reading about your journey to moving and living in France.


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