Happy New Years Eve everyone!

Today I woke up and I knew it was going to be an amazing day. Because today it is finally D-day!

Au revoir 2016!

Today is the day that it all will happen. Today it is the last day of this awefull year 2016 where everything went wrong and all celebreties seemed to die. Today, we burry 2016 somewhere far away in our memories where we hopefully will never find it again. It just really wasn’t my year I’m sorry. It’s been long enough now, time for something beter!

Bienvenue 2017!

Finally… Tonight at 0:00 I can finally embrace you my sweet 2017. It’s like going home after war. You’ve been through hell and now you can go to better, peacefull times. I’m already starting the first day of 2017 very good. I know it’s a small step for mankind, but I can assure you it’s a huge step for me… After all the family reunions, I have had it. I just hate them, although that I love my family. But it’s just not okay if you have 1 week of holiday and you are supposed to spend seven out of nine days with family. Like not just parents but actually the entire family of uncles, aunts, cousins and their children. No I’m sorry that’s just way too much socializing for me. So I’m very proud of myself that for the latest invitation to the family reunion on the 1st of January, I politely passed.

And I can assure you it’s a big deal in a family where family reunion invitations are considered informative as in where you need to be on what date and time, instead of actually an invitations as in a question if you will be able to make it on that day. But since I had already mentioned that I don’t get out of the house on the 1st of January due to my possible hangover meeting with Mrs Cava tonight, I didn’t really expect the “elderly” of the family to pick that date for their family reunion. So I interpreted this like we were not obliged to be there and I politely said we couldn’t make it. And when I confirmed our absence to the host (my auntie) on Sunday, I knew shit was about to go down… But I took the chance and waited patiently for the unavoidable responses. It was to my biggest surprise that it took until Wednesday evening for my parents to find out. And by the time of my mothers text message (almost ten in the evening) I assume she was not very happy.

But when I talked to her later this week, I was really suprised that they didn’t make a big deal out of it. So that’s good news. I can cancel family reunions without getting killed. This will make my life so much easier knowing this.

New Years Eve Tonight

Maybe because New Years Eve is on a Saturday this year and because I have a certain schedule in my weekend, but my day started off prety  boring. As always on Saturday, I started by doing the laundry, drink my morning coffee, release our homebod (Slave) to start vacuuming the house.

Slave really has been one of the best purchases we have ever done. It’s amazing how much time I save with this. Now the entire house is getting vacuumed while I can start on cleaning other parts of the house. I once complained to my boyfriend that I wished he vacuum cleaned the house, and that I would clean with soap afterwards plus clean the bathrooms and everything else. It was just too much for me alone and it took so much time. I should have seen it coming, although he caught me by surprise when the home ordered Homebod arrived in the mail a few days later. Now both of our problems were solved: I saved time because the homebod would vacuum for me, and my boyfriend didn’t have to do it so he also saved time. I couldn’t really argue or complain, but I was just afraid he missed my point at the whole situation. But anyways, both our problems got solved!

For the evening, I have several little snacks prepared we can eat during the entire evening with some wine or cava. I’m really looking forward to it. It will just be the two of us and we have no plan at all. But we really enjoy eachothers company and both are a little crazy so eventually, new years eve always turns out hilarious with the two of us. Most years I already fall asleep a first time by ten in the evening and wake up for the countdown. But then again, most years I’m exhausted from work and since I’m home on sick days lately, I’m pretty awake this year. We also have these typical new years eve tv-shows on German television of a live party somewhere in Germany. These shows are so horrible that they are hilarious. We often put them on tv  and we watch until I cry from laughing. They are just really funny…

So what are you all going to do today?

Big plans or parties?

I’d love to hear about them!

Have an amazing New Years Eve and a happy 2017 everyone!




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