Project France – a solid plan

Now that the Holidays are getting by and all stressy obliged get togethers are almost over, we are so done with winter. We are seriously no winter people. Maybe if there would be some snow yes, and then maybe for 3 days, but now that it is just freezing and raining all the time… No, we are outdoor people who like nothing more than to stroll trough the garden, water our flowers and plants, take care of the vegetables in the garden,… Even the cats are officially in hibernation now. They only move when food is served. On the other hand, that’s just what cats do I guess…

We have been looking at properties for sale online a lot lately. There is just SO much potential back there in South France! When we just look at all these houses or farms for sale, our hands start to itch to just start renovating and bould our sunny home. We have been gathering different kind of materials and working tools that will come in handy when we are renovating in France. The more we already have when buying a property, the more money we have to buy building materials or renovate the place.

I’m also already looking into all these selfsustaining gardening tips and tricks. You can save so much money by just growing your own foods! The less we actually need to buy at a store, the better! Lucky for me I’m a vegetarian so I don’t have to bother to raise livestock for meat. No need for that just veggies! And ofcourse some chickens to feed our vegetables-leftovers and get daily eggs.

We’re also still working on a solid money-plan. We will have to create different kinds of money income even if you can live very selfsustaining. So we’re still looking at all the possibilities for this but we’re getting there. We are definitely a lot further than last year! We have made a huge amount of progress with our solid plan to move to France!

But ofcourse, everything starts with the French house itself that we still have to find and buy… But that is for Juni 2017! So exciting…





6 thoughts on “Project France – a solid plan

  1. I remember so well when we were at the stage you are at now, all the planning, how we would support ourselves and what we would do. We did find the perfect house and have never looked back and I know it will be the same for you. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2017

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