Life after Christmas

It’s that time of the year again… That time when Christmas has passed and I feel like the holiday season is over. Does anyone else have the urge to just clean up all the Christmas decoration once the Christmas parties are over? I do. And I’m so ready for Spring and Summer but that is a looooong time from now…

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Christmas Diner Obligations

We had two very nice Christmas parties, one on Saturday with the family in law and one on Sunday with my family. We had a lot of presents, ate really good food, drank good wine and champagne, laughed, talked,… It was really nice to see everyone. Who knows, maybe next Christmas we won’t be there anymore. Maybe, and I really hope so, we have found our dream house in France by next Christmas and we can celebrate Christmas with just the two of us in our new home in France with some baguette, French cheese and some fine Frenche wine. I think everyone in my family must think we are so weird. I think we are the only ones who don’t look forward to the holidays and all the festivities attached to it. Everyone is always so excited for the Christmas party and to see everyone. But for us, it’s just way too crowded, stressy and noisy. We actually like it to be on our own with not too much people around us. Not that we are anti-social or hate everyone, we just like things quitet in this stressy and busy lifestyle nowadays… But since it is not socially accepted to just cancel your Christmas party invitation without a good reason (like: children are sick, party at the other family, vacation,…) I guess we just always have to be there. And since we don’t have children to use as an excuse (cats are apperantly not children), we have no other family party at the same date or no vacation since I’m still sick and can’t go anywhere, I guess we had to go… It was fun don’t get me wrong, but I’m so glad all the Christmas diners are over now.

New Years Eve Schedule : Bubbles . Black out . Toilet .  Hang over . Aspirins  

And since the New Years diner is on the 1st this year, I was glad to decline that invitation. No way I will make it on the 1st of January. Do they have any idea how many bottles of gin and cava I have ready in the fridge? No, on the 1st of January it is my tradition to spend all day on the sofa, drinking coffee , sipping pain killers for the hang over and whining about how I hate that hang over and how I will never drink again. And if it was a really good/bad evening (depends on how you see it), I might also clean up the toilet on the 1st January and remove all remaining vomit that witnessed New Years Eve at it’s best. So I guess I do like “some” traditions to keep. I always look like crap on the 1st January so no way people will see me then. This year I will make one exception: the daily nurse who takes care of me. Because it needs to be done but otherwise: no one! However, I seriously doubt it if I will drink much this New Years Eve or be drunk at all. Since I had these surgeries, I really can’t drink anymore. Yesterday at the Christmas reception I had two glasses of Champagne and my whole world was upside down and the room was spinning like a fun fair… It’s really funny I can’t tollerate the alcohol anymore but maybe it’s a good thing… So thank you but no thank you, I think we will politely pass for the New Years diner this year since you picked the worst date ever. Does anyone else have a family that loves to create get-togethers for the entire family on the 1st January? I think they do it to torture the young family members or to test our loyalty the the family… It’s all just one big conspiracy…

The Christmas “being bored- hang over”

But as I started in this blog post, today is still the first day after Christmas. And all I could think of this morning was how sad it is that we (almost) never have snow on Christmas (or any time around it). This morning I woke up by the sound of rain gushing down on our roof. It’s a grey, cold and wet day with absolutely nothing to do. Even the cats went back to bed after breakfast instead of their morning walk… There really is not much to do. I already cleaned the house this weekend, did the laundry,… All work is done. I wish it was spring and I could start working in the garden again… Start planting vegetables in the greenhouse, prepare the garden for summer. I’m really not an indoor cat…

So do any of you have a white Christmas right now?

How did you celebrate it? 

Merry Christmas everyone!

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4 thoughts on “Life after Christmas

  1. I could tell you a lot about our x-mas time. I am in with you as to keep it quiet and I guess we are able to do it as my family lives far away and my in-law family as well. So it is just the 4 of us. My husband and 2 grown-up kids and this year, it didn’t look like it was really Christmas in our house. We just came back from sunny Mexico on December 17 and there was no way we were going to go crazy on decorations. I am not upset about it. We could still listen to some music . I found a few goodies for my boys
    (they still like open something) but otherwise I do not need more stuff and my husband either.i am not expecting my kids or my husband to buy me stuff. I get what I want when I want it. There was a few years where we had to go shopping ( when my mother-in-law was still living ) but now we do really what we want. We had a nice meal. It was quiet . On Christmas eve I was in bed before 11. At least this year I do not have to dismantle the x-mas ( too big anyway for our small living room). And for New Year I still don’t know if we will join some friends. But really it doesn’t matter to me and I never fell oblige to go out if I don’t feel like to go out..We have snow on the ground in Vancouver. Actually today, boxing day ( not going shopping but going to do my fitness at home) it is snowing again. I understand exactly what you say… drinking too much is not fun (after).. We need to do what we like to do. Take care and good luck with your 2017 and house in France. Do you speak French ?

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    • I think Christmas is overrated. Like you have to have fun and a cosy house full of decorations. But it doesn’t mean that when you have no christmas tree or decoration your house might not even be cosier than an overly decorated one. It’s what you make of it with your family. If you come back home on December 17 from a sunny place, I wouldn’t bother eiter to go crazy on decorations. It’s amazing you live in Vancouver, sounds really lovely, especially that you have snow!
      Thank you so much for your lovely message! It’s nice to hear how others spend these days, all over the world! And in fact yes I also speak French. Here in Belgium we have to learn a lot of languages at school so I speak Dutch, German, English, French and a little Spanish haha. Hear you later!

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      • super, tu es multilingue. moi je parle le francais ( c’est ma langue maternelle), je parle bien anglais (mon mari est anglophone et vivre a Vancouer me permet de parler anglais tout le temps) et j’ai aussi appris l’espagnol ( je me debrouille assez bien). j’ai commence a apprendre un peu l’italien ( mais j’apprendrai plus si je retourne ou plutot quand je retournerai en Italie). Merci aussi pour ton message. oui c’est vrai.. Noel beaucoup mettent trop d’emphase sur ce jour alors que nous devrions celebrer tous les vie, l’amour, la famille…et oui Vancouver est vraiment une ville qui me plait. A+

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      • Oui, en Belgique nous devons parler tous les langues dans notre pays, donc l’allemagne, le néeerlandais, le français mais aussi l’anglais. Moi j’ai aussi appris l’espagnol car ça m’interesse et c’est une jolie langue à mon avis. Et quand je veux vivre en France dans Le Gers region, c’est près de l’Espagne. Je te souhaites une bonne journée à Vancouver! 🙂

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